Everything you need to get organised

Collaborate with Nextcloud 1

Nextcloud is an all-in-one collaborative office suite. Share files, work on documents together, plan with calendars and share contact information.

Shared documents

Sync and share folders with your group.

Collaborative editing

Edit documents and spreadsheets in real time.


Set up personal or collaborative calendars.

Adress books

Keep track of contact information.

Discuss with Rocket.Chat 2

With Rocket.Chat, your organisation can have structured conversations in multiple public or private channels, on your mobile or desktop.

Video meetings

Integrated video meetings in the app.


Workspace with multiple private or public channels.


Enable end-to-end encryption for secure messaging.


Unlimited number of messages and members, as long as there is room on the server :)

Organise with Deck 3

Get organised in a visual, flexible and efficient way, where you don't lose track of who is doing what.


Use the kanban system to stay organised in your different projects.


Keep track of and discuss your tasks with cards.


Prioritise the cards to plan for what is most important.


Attach files and images to your tasks.

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