From: 10.00 / month

The Online Meeting Co-operative is working to provide an open source, meeting and conferencing platform, powered by BigBlueButton.

This project was formed by DigidemLab /, femProcomuns / CommonsCloud and Webarchitects, and several other actors of the Commons and Social and Solidarity Economy are in conversations to join this collective effort. Organisations can get involved and become a member if you are willing to contribute time and/or money to the shared objective. Contact for more information. abides by the seven international cooperative principles, with due understanding that initially it is an informal organisation formed by the member coops that have started the project. Built on mutual trust and intercooperation agreements, the project seeks to be a self-managed, autonomous organisation. Domains, assets and other shared resources will be transferred to a future independent legal entity, once the partner organisations decide to create this.

Membership in Collective Tools is €20 extra. As a member you have a democratic say in the running of the company on the basis of 1 member, 1 vote. If you want to support the development of Collective Tools, please consider becoming a supporting member for an extra €100. Your membership fee will be refunded if you should choose to withdraw your membership.