Get organized – without losing control of your data

Collective Tools is a fully featured productivity suite and a privacy-respecting alternative to Google Drive, Dropbox and Outlook.

Collective Tools is a collection of programs for email, document sharing, calendars and contacts.

Built on extensively tested open source software, we are putting your privacy and security first and never exploit or share your data.

Collective Tools is owned by it’s users. We are a democratic consumers’ cooperative, and all members have an equal say in the running of the company. That means that we will always put the interest of our users first.

About the company

Everything you need — in one place

A unified dashboard for email, document editing and calendars.
For additional tools like group chat and project management, see the group account.

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I can not recommend more highly. They provide excellent personable customer service, prompt response time, and an easy to navigate and powerful managed cloud workspace service. They're the future, and I recommend them to anyone look for a well priced low cost solution for their company or organization.

Aslan French
Democratic Socialists of America, Austin Texas

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We are using secure servers that are updated regularly. By using open source software we ensure that the software is undergoing constant security auditing by independent developers. And unlike Google, we will never sell or share your private data with any third party.

Unfortunately, we can't give any recurring discounts. The prices as they are now are so that we can keep the servers and operations going, we are not making any profits from Collective Tools. We do however occasionally give out discount codes for a free month at our forum, check it out to stay updated.

As a member you have a vote at the annual meeting. You get your share back if you leave the organisation. And at the annual meeting we can decide to add interest to our members shares.

Yes. Nextcloud, which is the platform that we are using, complies to the highest standard of accessibility (WCAG 2.1 AAA).

Yes, our servers in Sweden and Finland are powered by 100% renewable energy.

Still have questions? Read the documentation, ask a question in the forum or get in touch.