Using Deck

24 June, 2021


What about Deck ?

You may know Kanban website like Trello ? Deck is about the same thing but secured and respectful of your privacy !
Integrated in Nextcloud, you can easily manage your projects while having your data secured.

Use cases

Project management, time management or ideation, Deck makes it easier for you to manage your work.

Using Deck

Overall, Deck is easy to use. You can create boards, add users, share the Deck, work collaboratively and in real time.

  1. Create my first board
  2. Create stacks and cards
  3. Handle cards options
  4. Archive old tasks
  5. Manage your board

1. Create my first board

In this example, we’re going to create a board and share it with an other nextcloud user.

2. Create stacks and cards

Stacks are simply columns with list of cards. It can represent a category of tasks or an y step in your projects for example.
Check this out :

Gif for creating columns

What about the cards? Cards are tasks, objects or ideas that fit into a stack. You can put a lot of cards in a stack! An infinity? Who knows! Who knows!

And all the magic of this software consists on moving your cards from a stack to an other.
Check this out :

3. Handle cards options

Once you have created your cards, you can modify them or add options by clicking on them. So, what are the options? Well, there are several of them:

  • Tag Management
  • Assign a card to a user (s·he will receive a notification)
  • Render date, or deadline

And even :

  • Description in markdown language
  • Attachment – you can leave a document, a picture or some other bonus like that.

4. Archive old tasks

Once finished or obsolete, a task could be archived. The tasks is not deleted, it’s just archived, and you can retrieve it later

5. Manage your board

You can manage the settings of your Deck once you are inside it, by clicking on the small wheel at the top right. Once in this menu, you have access to several things:

  • Sharing
  • Tags
  • Deleted objects
  • Timeline

The sharing tab allows you to add users or even groups to your boards.
Tags allows you to modify the tags available for the cards.
Deleted objects allows you to return previously deleted stacks or cards.
The Timeline allows you to see everything that happened in your boards. Everything!

Source: User documentation by Nextcloud is licenced under GNU AGPLv3

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