Collective Tools Chat

5.00 / month

Organize your group or network with our user friendly chat tool using the Mattermost software. Use open or closed channels or send direct messages, and use the built in kanban boards and todo-lists for project management. Our chat is very similar to Slack, but puts you in full control of your data. And you pay a fixed prize for your group, instead of for every user. Connect with the Mattermost app for phone or desktop or through your browser.

Your chat group is hosted on a shared server, and your web address will be Recommended for up to 100 users.

Our optional membership is €20 extra and will be added to your cart in the next step. As a member you have a democratic say in the running of Collective Tools on the basis of 1 member, 1 vote. If you want to support the development of Collective Tools, please consider becoming a supporting member for an extra €100. Your membership fee will be refunded if you should choose to withdraw your membership.

Your installation will ready within five working days of your payment.


Name of your organisation or project.

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