Collective Tools Meet

From: 20.00 / month

Your own encrypted and open source video conferencing solution based on the Jitsi Meet software, similar to Please let us know at if you are interested in additional customisations.

Although Jitsi Meet is the best encrypted and open source video conference software that we are aware of, some people are having performance issues with it. We recommend using the browsers Chrome or Chromium and not having more than 10 active users with video activated.

Membership is €20 extra. As a member you have a democratic say in the running of the company on the basis of 1 member, 1 vote. If you want to support the development of Collective Tools, please consider becoming a supporting member for an extra €100. Your membership fee will be refunded if you should choose to withdraw your membership.

Your account will be set up within five working days of your payment.